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Amber Pet Care (Lucy) is not just a pet sitting service. It is a service that replicates the care and love you give your pet. Lucy ensures that at every visit your pet still feels cared for and is not missing or pining for you.

From the initial visit, when Lucy make meticulous notes about our cat, Misty, her likes and dislikes, her habits and routine, we knew that Misty would be in good hands. During long weekends or long haul holidays we have never worried about the well-being of Misty. It’s sometimes a bit disconcerting to know that Misty looks forward to seeing Lucy more than us ūüôā

We would highly recommend Amber Pet Care to look after your pet. It will be the best choice you will ever make on behalf of your pet.

I Have used Amber Pet Care now for around 5 years and I have been extremely happy.
APC (Lucy) is not only trust worthy, reliable, thoughtful and amazing she is just wonderful with my Labrador.
To me she goes above and beyond her terms and conditions to always ensure the pet that is in her care is safe and well looked after.
I would recommend Amber Pet Care to any pet owner.

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I can honestly say I don’t know what I would have done without Lucy. She looked after my cat Socks for several weeks when I suddenly became unwell. She was extremely thorough in her assessment of Socks’ needs, naturally good with animals, very understanding and most importantly Socks flourished in her care.
I returned home to a happy and secure cat which I have no doubt was due to Lucy’s excellent care. Lucy also gave me great peace of mind by giving me regular updates on Socks. It was also good to have someone so trustworthy to keep an eye on my home while I was away.
I will be using Amber Pet Care many times in the future. In fact I wouldn’t consider using any other service!¬†¬† See for this review.
Emily – Pewsham
I am always happy to leave animals in Lucy’s care as I know she understands their needs and cares about their welfare.¬† It is good to know someone who¬†genuinely¬†loves animals,¬†who luckily, lives close by.¬† I¬†wouldn’t¬†be able to manage on some days without¬†this help, as I would never leave my dog alone all day and this would, at times, restrict my life’.
‘Sometimes¬†animals¬†are happier being cared for from their own homes rather than have to stay in kennels – especially older animals not used to such environments.¬† This is a very reliable local¬†service, I¬†would recommend’.¬†
‘Lucy has cared for a¬†variety¬†of pets for me including cats, dogs, poultry and aquarium fish.¬† All to an¬†excellent¬†standard of care’.
 Anna,  Pewsham, Chippenham001

Amber Pet Care provides  -Pet sitting visits in Chippenham area.                       Dog Walking in Chippenham area.

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